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David Lee offers demonstrated experience and proven field skills for a variety of utility, highway and other construction clients. Our services include biological construction monitoring, environmental training and wildlife surveys. 

Senior Biologist David Lee has over eight years experience as an environmental inspector and field biologist. David earned his undergraduate degree in Biology at U.C. SantaCruz where he studied conservation biology and conducted field research on macaws in the Peruvian Amazon and gray whales off the California Coast. He studied plant community ecology as a graduate student at Montana State University, where he earned an M.S. degree in Biology.

Since then, David has worked as an environmental inspector and biological monitor on numerous linear construction projects while performing biological surveys for wildlife, nesting bird surveys, and rare plants. All of the projects involved close communication and teamwork with contractors and government agency representatives. He is an Approved Biologist providing services in Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County and Kern County. David also serves on the Board of Directors of Rancho La Viña Corporation, a family-owned ranch in Santa Barbara County, CA with walnut orchards, vineyards, cattle pasture and wildlands.


  • Biological Monitoring and Environmental Inspection of construction activities to ensure compliance with all biological and environmental rules and regulations. Typical issues include sensitive species, rare plants, noxious weed abatement, raptors, nesting birds, streams, wetlands, protected trees, air quality, stormwater pollution prevention and erosion control.

  • Agency Approved: Approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the County of Santa Barbara for construction monitoring and surveying for certain special status species. We have completed the Desert Tortoise Council’s Surveying, Monitoring and Handling Techniques Workshop.

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