Habitat restoration

We provide technical assistance to private landowners, non-profit organizations, as well as local, state, and federal agencies. Our habitat restoration programs deliver turnkey services, including habitat evaluation, surveying, contracting, project implementation, and monitoring. 

We aim to provide the very best habitat restoration services to mutually benefit landowners and ecosystems alike. Our program philosophy is based on a belief that healthy fish and wildlife populations are a foundation of sustainable human communities. Our design doctrine stems from a conviction that the best engineering solutions are found in nature and that the holistic restoration of natural processes is fundamental to long-term success.

Natural ecosystems provide ecosystem services in the form of resources such as food, fuel, and timber; the purification of air and water; the detoxification and decomposition of wastes; the regulation of climate; the regeneration of soil fertility; and the pollination of crops. These ecosystem processes have been estimated to be worth trillions of dollars annually. There is consensus in the scientific community that the current environmental degradation and destruction of many of the Earth's biota is taking place on a "catastrophically short timescale"