Solar Energy


 Solar energy construction projects often require special attention to sensitive wildlife and plant species, nesting birds, noxious weeds, stormwater pollution prevention and erosion control issues. DNL Environmental is experienced in all aspects of renewables construction, from clearing and grading access roads to tower construction and restoration. We can help you stay in compliance with numerous county, state and federal requirements by completing pre-construction wildlife, rare plant and nesting bird surveys, monitoring construction for biological and environmental compliance and assisting with post-construction restoration. 


Project Experience

Panoche Valley Solar Project, Panoche, CA (2017 - 2018)

Client: Con Edison    Firm: KP  Environmental

Provided and managed a team of approximately one dozen biological monitors and technicians. Conducted burrow excavation for Giant Kangaroo Rat and California Tiger Salamander, both listed species. Handled and captured GKR and CTS under direct supervisions of permitted biologist. Monitored active San Joaquin Kit Fox dens, inspected solar construction activities and conducted surveys for nesting birds, monitored construction activities.