Transmission Lines

Transmission line construction and reconductoring projects often require special attention to sensitive wildlife and plant species, nesting birds, noxious weeds, stormwater pollution prevention and erosion control issues. DNL Environmental is experienced in all aspects of power line construction, from clearing and grading access roads to tower construction and restoration. We can help you stay in compliance with numerous county, state and federal requirements by completing pre-construction wildlife, rare plant and nesting bird surveys, monitoring construction for biological and environmental compliance and assisting with post-construction restoration.


Project Experience

Contra Costa – Las Positas Reconductoring Project, Antioch, CA

Client: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)

Biological inspection on a 30-mile, 230 kV electric transmission line reconductoring project. Monitored construction activities near active raptor nests, rare plant populations and other sensitive biological resources. Surveyed project right-of-way for burrowing owl, Swainson’s hawk and other nesting raptors. Conducted field surveys for round-leaved filaree, a state listed species. Assisted with San Joaquin kit fox surveys and flagged burrows potentially occupied by California tiger salamander. Performed environmental training for construction personnel.

Burrowing Owl and Rare Plant Surveys, Valley- Ivyglen Transmission Project, Riverside, CA

Client: Southern California Edison

Conducted protocol-level burrowing owl and rare plant surveys along 19 miles of existing transmission line in support of an SCE project to construct a new 115 kV line in a 200-foot wide corridor. Observed and identified all avian species during the survey. Identified or collected for identification all rare or potentially rare plants along the project corridor.

Otay-Metro Powerloop, San Diego County, CA

Client: San Diego Gas & Electric           Contractor: Parr Electrical

Stormwater pollution prevention inspection for the upgrade and new installation of a 52-mile, 230 kV power line. Conducted official stormwater inspections for proper best management practice (BMP) installation and maintenance. Prepared inspection reports and log sheets as required by the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Managed the SWPPP to ensure it was updated and current.

Hazardous Tree Removal Project, Crestline, CA

Client: Southern California Edison

Removal of up to 90,000 dead and dying trees killed by pine bark beetle on residential property and San Bernardino National Forest for Southern California Edison. Surveyed areas around power poles to identify habitat for sensitive species including southern rubber boa (Charina bottae umbratica), California spotted owl (Strix occidentalis occidentalis) and foothill yellow-legged frog (Rana boylii). Completed detailed reports and data forms for all sensitive resources.

Blazer Tap Power Line Project, Tularosa, NM

Client: Tri-State Generation   Contractor: Wilson Construction            

Third Party Environmental Inspector for a 25-mile, 115-kV transmission line construction project. Duties include construction monitoring for stormwater pollution prevention best management practices (BMPs), noxious weed abatement, and vegetation removal methods. Coordinated with construction contractors and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) representatives. Wrote daily and weekly reports for BLM and performed environmental training for construction personnel.

Montana Alberta Tie Transmission Line, Lethbridge, Alberta to Great Falls, MT

Client: Montana Albert Tie, Ltd.

Project involved evaluating potential impacts associated with proposed 230-kV transmission line project between Lethbridge, Alberta, and Great Falls, Montana. Conducted field investigations associated with noxious weeds, wetlands, wildlife, waterfowl, raptors and special status species. Effort involved close coordination with Montana and Alberta consultants and regulatory agencies.